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(1) Bushnell H2O Waterproof/Fogproof Roof Prism Binoculars

Bushnell has set the standard for high performance, waterproof binoculars with the new Bushnell H20 Waterproof/Fogproof Roof  Prism Binoculars. These are the most cutting edge waterproof design on the market, built to withstand the elements and provide you with a crystal clear picture. They feature a Soft Texture Grip to make sure you can keep them steady at all times without fear of dropping or losing them to the elements. They are lightweight, making long term wear more comfortable and convenient. These binoculars are nitrogen purged and sealed with o-rings to ensure they remain waterproof in even the most extreme conditions, Multi-coated optics and premium quality BaK-4 prism glass maximize clarity and light transmission giving you a clear, crisp image no matter the circumstances. These are the perfect binoculars for sportsmen, sightseers, and novice users alike. Fully adjustable zoom allows for a large range of vision.

What are Bushnell Waterproof Binoculars?

Bushnell is a leading innovator in the sports optics industry. They have worked to maintain a position as a leader in sports optics by developing products that meet and exceed customer needs, while remaining affordable, practical, and convenient.

They strive to provide superior quality and reliability sports optics products to their customers. The H20 is available in two different magnifications to meet your needs. Whether you are an experienced with using binoculars or just getting the hang of it, the H20 offers options for every user. Two different magnification options provide options for every individual and every situation. Each selection offers superior build, quality, and image. These binoculars are constructed from the best

quality materials and assembled for optimal performance. They offer several features to make your experience the best sports optics experience you’ve ever had. Some features include:
Large center-focus knob to make adjusting easy
Mulit-coated optics for advances light transmission
Twist-up eyecups
Roof Prism System
Non-slip rubber armor provides excellent grip and protects against falls
100% waterproof
O-Ring sealed and nitrogen purged for reliable, fog free performance
BaK-4 prisms provide bright, crisp, clear viewing

What does Bushnell 10x42 mean?

10x42 refers to the magnification power of the objective lens contained in the binoculars. The first number pertains to the diameter of the lenses on the front of the binoculars. In the Bushnell H20 10x42 magnification, close focus occurs as 12ft and allows for up to a 305 foot  range of vision from 1000 feet away. As far as the Bushnell H20 8x42 magnification is concerned, close focus occurs at 18ft, and the range of vision from 1000 feet is a 410 foot range. Both magnifications weight approximately 25 ounces and fit into a standard size class. Both feature all of the same excellent qualities as far as waterproofing, image quality, product quality and great features for you to enjoy.

Are Bushnell H20 Binoculars actually waterproof?

Yes. These binoculars are actually water and fog proof due to the process involved in constructing these high quality binoculars. They are sealed with o-rings and nitrogen purged to ensure a completely water-tight seal. Many user reviews also state that they have tried and tested the product and are greatly pleased with the result. They can be used for light recreational purposes like sightseeing or fishing, or even used out in the elements. They are designed to be rugged while still maintaining full functionality.

What makes Bushnell H20 waterproof binoculars better than other brands?

Bushnell waterproof binoculars are designed to be highly functional under the toughest circumstances. They are designed for optimal performance in every aspect down to every small detail. Bushnell strives to offer only the best sports optics products at an affordable price. You can expect a high end product for a low end price with these binoculars. While other brands expect customers to pay outrageous prices for products that may not hold up in the long run, these are affordable, durable, made of the most quality materials, innovative and completely 100% waterproof. The Bushnell H2O displays a clear image of both moving and stationary objects to further cover all of your outdoor needs. They are easily adjusted to fit the size of any face, and are also user friendly for those who may need glasses.

What are the best uses for the Bushnell H20 binoculars?

These binoculars are great for any situation. The ribbed rubber outer coating makes them easy to hold on to in the wettest conditions, and tests have proven that the H20 can withstand being submerged under water for an extended period of time with zero leaks or fog. Because of this, they make an excellent companion for boaters and fisherman. These binoculars also display

clear images of moving targets, which could come in handy for hunters when scouting game at long range. There is literally no place these binoculars can’t go. From dirt and mud, to rain and water they remain free of water and fog. The durable coating makes them tough enough for the most rugged activities, without putting the lenses or barrels in jeopardy.Overall, these binoculars are the best value you will find. They are tough, durable, practical and affordable. They can be used in virtually any setting or situation with no chance of fog or water leakage. Great for boaters, hunters, and all other sportsmen, these binoculars are rugged and durable. Put them to the test for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

(2) 10 Ways To Immediately Improve Your Jiu-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu is a powerful art, and learning it can be a lot of fun as well. Especially for newer students, it can be frustrating to not feel like you’re making very fast progress.

These 10 tips will give you some insight that has helped students take their abilities to the next level. They can provide guidance that can immediately improve your performance, but for best results, continue to practice them consistently.

Even someone who has studied Jiu-Jitsu for 20 years will still be learning and improving at all times. Don’t focus so much on immediately getting everything down – just worry about the next milestone in front of you. No matter how far you progress, there will always be a next level to occupy your aspirations.

Tip 1: Focus on the Basics: Crawl Before You Walk

Anything advanced you’ll learn throughout your Jiu-Jitsu training will be based on the foundational techniques you’ll learn as a beginner. The more solid your foundation, the higher your potential. It can be enticing to jump ahead before you’re ready, but don’t set your aspirations high prematurely.

Tip 2: Maintain a Relaxed and Patient Mindset

It’s easy to get overzealous when practicing Jiu-Jitsu, especially as a beginner. While practicing with others, it’s vital to remain relaxed and patient. Getting carried away only places your partner at risk. Surprisingly, many injuries that occur during practice come from beginners who are either getting too determined to win a grapple, or simply don’t have a great feel for the stopping point required to prevent injury.

Tip 3: Check Your Ego at the Door

No matter how good you are at anything, there’s always going to be someone better. Especially when you’re starting out, it can be intimidating for everyone there to be more experienced than yourself. Even as you advance through the ranks, you’ll continue to get tapped out by people of equal or lesser experience. Likewise, don’t be intimidated by tapping out someone more experienced than yourself. It’s all about learning – not a competition to see who is better or who has the highest belt color.

Tip 4: Consistence is Key

A fighter who’s practiced one technique a thousand times will be far more capable than someone who’s practiced a thousand techniques one time. Pick a couple of core maneuvers, and instead of simply learning them and moving on to the next thing, master them. Practice them repetitively until it’s second nature, and come back to them over time to keep them fresh in your mind.

Tip 5: Treat Your Body Right

To perform at your peak, you need to take care of your body. You need sleep to recover after a grueling training session, protein to strengthen your muscles, and carbohydrates to keep from tiring out during a session. Work on eating cleaner, and consuming smaller meals at more frequent intervals.

Tip 6: Critique Your Breathing Technique

Maintaining consistent, deep respiration helps keep your muscles performing at their best. Controlling your breathing as your heart rate increases also helps keep fatigue at bay, maximizing your performance later in your practice sessions.

Tip 7: Spar with as Many Partners as Possible

Even if you’re trained by the same instructors, everyone fights and reacts at least slightly different. The more partners you work with, the more you’ll be able to handle as a Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

Tip 8: Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

Mastering Jiu-Jitsu is always an ongoing journey, no matter how long you’ve been at it. Always remember that you’ll continue to grow as long as you stick with it. Even your instructors were white belts at some point. Be patient, and don’t expect to be a great fighter in 3 months (or even a year).

Tip 9: Watch and Learn Your Opponent

If you’re going to spar with someone, take every opportunity to watch them fight with others. Analyze their movements and take note of how they respond to certain situations, along with their favorite maneuvers. Being able to reference this information going into your own sparring session will give you some insight towards their thought process.

Tip 10:  Practice Faking Out

Just like any other sport, there’s a lot of power behind misdirection. Intentionally leading into one maneuver, then changing into another can give you a quick advantage if you’re able to anticipate how your opponent will react. Knowing where they will be a moment later to defend from your misdirection will allow you to better plan the maneuver to which you’re actually going to commit. This takes some practice, as seasoned fighters have learned to recognize half-hearted attacks as a possible fake-out.

Summarizing These Tips

Take these methods into consideration can help you immediately become better at Jiu-Jitsu. Continuing to practice them over time will help take things to the next level, so long as you never stop practicing and never stop learning.

(3) WordPress Theme Review: AgentPress Pro Theme from StudioPress


AgentPress Pro is a great choice of WordPress theme for any real estate agent, offering a beautiful design with intuitive navigation and a ton of powerful features. The theme also comes with a full suite of plugins, the popular Genesis Framework, access to numerous tutorials and unlimited updates.

With four color styles and six layout options there's a good number of customizable options without bogging you down with options and controls. In keeping with the best WordPress themes, AgentPress Pro is also fully responsive meaning it works on any sized display and comes with HTML5 markup to help improve your visibility in the search engines. It's simple, fast and very good looking.


Numerous Layout Options: Beyond colors and backgrounds there are a few other customization options. Whether you want your content to fill the full width of the display or you want to add sidebars for easy-to-access menus for instance, you can easily switch between a number of layouts for posts and pages.

HTML5 Markup: HTML5 Markup is what allows Google to understand the content on your page. This means that it can show details about your properties right in the search results, helping to connect even more potential customers with your clients.Filtered Property Search: Implementing a powerful search function

Modern and Attractive Design: AgentPress Pro takes cues from the best modern WordPress themes, emphasizing large, high definition images and crisp, minimalist controls. This makes for a design that's highly stylized and modern and that will help to keep visitors on your page while creating the best impression for your business.


A modern-looking design and great layout can make all the difference when it comes to attracting customers to your business and AgentPress Pro offers just that. At the same time, this is also a theme that's as easy as can be to implement and manage.

It may have fewer options than some alternatives but for some realtors this will be an advantage. This way you can pick from pre-selected color palettes that you can trust will work well and you can save time creating elaborate graphics. This is a light, snappy and efficient theme that still leaves you firmly in control.

For $99.95, you will also get unlimited updates and support, tutorials and access to the Genesis Framework making this option great value for money.


This is a simple WordPress theme that will appeal to those who want to create something reliable and professional without having to spend hours in the control panel. For those who want more control and more customization options however, it may prove somewhat lacking. If you want more color options for instance or more features such as image sliders, then you might want to look into a more dvanced theme.


For realtors looking for an efficient and snappy WordPress theme that looks the part, AgentPress Pro is just that. While it lacks advanced options, this helps to keep things simple and reduce the amount of time you'll spend in the control panel.

(4) Understanding The Eye Relief of Your Rifle Scope

Many gun owners get confused about eye relief, possibly because there is so much information out there that makes eye relief more complicated than it really needs to be. At the core, eye relief is pretty simple. It is the shortest distance from your eye to the lens of your scope that still allows you to see as clearly as possible through the scope. Here is what you need to know about the eye relief of your rifle scope.

Why is The Eye Relief Important?

Eye relief is important for a couple of reasons: First, the recoil of the rifle one some models can make quite an impact and an eye relief that is too short and puts the eye in danger of being hit by the recoil can cause serious injury or even blindness. That's why eye relief is quite a bit farther away on rifle scopes than it would be on other devices that have eye relief like binoculars and microscopes.

For someone with glasses, eye relief is even more important. Those who wear eyeglasses and cannot remove them to shoot without impairing their vision need to be even further away from the eyepiece of the scope, so they need a longer eye relief or else they aren't able to see the full range of the image in the scope. If you want to know whether or not your scope eye relief is long enough for your glasses, try  looking through the scope with and without them, and if the field of vision (the area that you can see through the scope) remains the same, then your eye relief is long enough for your glasses.

How to Determine Sufficient Eye Relief

Your eye is normally dilated to 5 millimeters, and the exit pupil of your scope should match that measurement so that the diameter of the exit pupil on the scope and your eye pupil match. When there is less light, your eye opens up to allow more light in, and this can cause a ring around the image in your scope. Basically, you should find the balance between being close enough to the scope in whatever light conditions you are hunting in to avoid the ring around the image, without actually being close enough to allow the recoil to impact the eye or the skin around it.

One of the ways that you can ensure that you always have the maximum use out of your scope is by using a rifle that does not have a large recoil, but some may choose to sacrifice a partial field of vision through the scope because they like the gun that they are shooting. This is a personal choice that every shooter will have to make, but the main thing to keep in mind is that you will recover fairly quickly if you miss a buck due to not having a full field of view through your scope; you may not recover as quickly if you do serious damage to your eye. Safety should always be your number one priority.

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(5) The Scoop on Scopes: How to Choose The Right Objective-Lens Size

When it comes to the objective-lens size of rifle scopes, it can be tempting to think bigger is better, but that's not always the case. Choosing the right objective-lens diameter depends upon several factors and a larger scope may actually hinder your hunt in some cases. Here are some things that you need to consider when it comes to the lens size of your scope.

Bigger Lenses Do Not Increase The Field of Vision

Hunters are often under the misconception that a larger lens will allow them to increase their field of vision – or the viewing area that they are able to see through the scope. This actually isn't the case. All a larger lens does is allow more light to reach the eye which means that you'll get the same field of vision, but that you'll have more light-gathering capabilities. So, in the early hours of dawn or late at night you'll definitely have the advantage of being able to see more clearly. For example a 40mm or 50mm objective will give you great visibility in low light conditions, but there are disadvantages as well.

The Drawbacks to a Larger Lens-Objective

The larger objectives like 50mm and 40mm have to be mounted higher on the rifle, and that means that you have one major disadvantage right off the bat – you are going to have a problem shooting shorter distances – say 25 yards. You will have to adjust your shot with a scope that large, and you will likely require some practice before you can consistently hit your target at closer distances.

Another disadvantage that a larger objective brings is that the scope is heavier and more bulky and will add more weight to whatever else you are already packing.

So, What Scope Should You Choose?

This all comes down to personal preference, and you may want to consider having a couple of different scopes for different conditions. For most hunts, a scope that delivers a 5mm exit pupil will be fine, but if your shooting style or your hunt conditions require a different objective, you can trade out your smaller scope for a larger lens-objective.

Finally, the quality of the glass in your scope can make a major difference when it comes to how much light the scope lets in. If you have good quality glass, then you should be able to have plenty of light even with a smaller objective in low light conditions.

(6) Sniper Scope Power: Navigating The World of Tactical Rifle Optics 

When choosing a scope for your tactical rifle, you have to cut through a lot of the hype, because with this type of rifle, the tendency of most people is to lay on the overkill. Partially that's because having or building a sniper rifle is cool (and it is) and partly it is because there is some terrific scope technology that is available for them, and we all want to try them out. But choosing a tactical scope that is actually going to be useful for the actual purpose of the rifle requires some thought. Here is what you need to consider.

What is The Purpose of Your Tactical Rifle?

The first thing that you have to decide is what the purpose of your rifle is. Are you building it for law enforcement use?

Are you planning to use it in shooting competitions? Do you just love the idea of building a bad-to-the-bone sniper rifle?

Each of these could require different types of scopes, and different glass requirements.

Scope Power Requirements Based on Use

If you're building a tactical rifle for law enforcement use, then anything more than 6X is probably too much. Law enforcement officers never have to take shots past 100 yards and most are quite a bit shorter. If you put a 10X scope on a rifle meant for law enforcement, you're going to end up with a very narrow field of vision at closer ranges.

For military use, a higher powered scope is probably required. The standard military scope is 10X and this is ideal for body shots at medium to long ranges.

If you are planning to enter competitions with your rifle, you could use several different scopes, depending upon your shooting style and the competition itself. In fact, having 10x, 6x and 4x scopes on hand might be a great idea – as having options at  your disposal will certainly be an advantage in competition. As long as the magnification isn't extreme, a competition shooter can go with just about any magnification they desire.

Finally, if you're just trying to build a great rifle that you can show off to your friends, or if you are restoring historical rifles and building a collection, you can go with whatever you can fit onto your rifle, or whatever scope was on the historical rifle originally. If your goal isn't shooting at a very specific type of target, you have a lot more options when it comes to the type and power of scope you choose.

(7) Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope Review

The Mueller Speed Shot Rifle Scope is one of the best short to medium range scopes on the market and the price can't be beat for the quality that you get. One of the big selling points of this scope is that it has an etched reticle instead of one powered by batteries, so you aren't going to lose the use of your scope at a critical moment, such as in the middle of a competition or right at the moment when your prey darts into view.

This new speed shot scope features a terrific illumination system with eleven brightness settings that is designed to be seen even during daylight hours, which you can decide to use or not and there is very little tube glow. The field of view is very wide through this scope and the combined features that you get for the price is actually quite impressive, considering that similar scopes sell for 3-4 times the cost of this optic.

It is perfectly named because it has been designed for speed shots where you need to have the scope up to your eye and shoot a fast-moving target, or shoot very quickly at a slow moving target such as for bear hunting. Besides bear hunting, this scope is perfect for close-range squirrel hunting, turkeys and hogs, or really any fast moving, medium to close range prey.

The disadvantages of this scope include the fact that it is quite heavy, just over 17 ounces, and when you don't use the illumination, you have a really hard time seeing the dot on black objects – because the dot is itself black. Of course, you can usually work around this problem by using the illumination and this scope as a decent battery life so as long as you replace the batteries before needing to use the scope in competition or at another crucial moment. It doesn't include rings or a sunshade, however the lens cover is included.

Here are the specifications of the Mueller Speed Shot Scope. 
  • Click Adjustment 
  • Turret Exposure: No Exposure
  • Adjustment Value: ½ MOA
  • Tube Diameter: 30 millimeters
  • Turret Height: Medium
  • Turret Adjustments: Finger Adjustable
  • Warranty Provided: Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Power Range: 1 to 4 X
  • Reticle Type: Glass Etched
  • Reticle Size: 4 MOA (dot)
  • Battery Required: CR2032 (Illumination mode)
  • Matt Finish
  • Objective Diameter: 30 millimeters
  • Ocular Diameter: 45 millimeters
  • Eye Relief: 3.5 inches
  • Included Rings: No
  • Included Sunshade: No
  • Lens Cover: Included

(8) CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope With Red & Green Illuminated Crosshairs Review

It is actually pretty amazing how many features you get on the CvLife Optics Scope, but there are some major disadvantages as well. Let's start with some of the great things about the scope, because there are quite a few things to like about the scope and the fact that it comes with free mounts and is priced very low are just a couple of them.

Advantages of the CVLIFE Optics Hunting Rifle Scope 

First of all, this scope specifications list the magnification at 6-24X and the lens has an objective diameter of 50 millimeters. It has red and green illuminated crosshairs, with an AOE. It also comes with free mounts, which is remarkable considering how little this scope costs. The field of view is 28 feet at a hundred yards and it has an eighth of an inch click value at 100 yards. Both the red and green are illuminated.

The scope does a great job with the red and green illumination feature. The cross hairs are bright and can be seen clearly and it has parallax and elevation controls so that you don't have to take the time to adjust those settings with tools. While it has fairly simply construction, the scope is sturdy and well-made.  The color selection for the cross hairs is definitely one of the best features, because it can be seen over almost any backdrop. However, like any battery operated illuminated cross hairs, if the battery goes out during a competition or there is another power failure of some kind, you lose the scope completely.

Some of the Disadvantages of This Scope 

While you can't really complain too much about minor issues due to the price, there can sometimes be a problem when you start to move past the base magnification of 6X. At 6X the field of vision is very clear and sharp, but when you zoom in, most of the field of view becomes distorted. This is obviously a major problem if you were relying on the scope for any magnification beyond the base. It is still usable but the distortion makes it very difficult to see clearly.

Overall Recommendation: This is a terrific scope for the price, and even if you have some distortion when zooming, you still can't beat it for features and illumination.

  • Approximate Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Magnification Range: 6 to 24 X
  • Objective Diameter: 50 millimeters
  • Field of View: 28 feet/100 Yards
  • Click Value: 1/8 inch/100 Yards
  • Illumination Colors: Red & Green

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